Varicose Veins

Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatment – Non Surgical Laser Procedure for Varicose Veins:

If you've been living with varicose veins for fear the treatment is too complicated, painful or risky, the questions and answers at bottom should make you feel a lot better about your future. Because thanks to VenaCure from AngioDynamics, the news couldn't be better… You don't have to live with varicose veins and you don't need surgery to get rid of them.

Q: How is a laser procedure different from surgery?

A: Surgery involves considerable preparation, general anesthesia, the risk of infection, pain in the affected areas, and a lengthy recovery period. The medical laser technology used in Endovenous Laser Treatment eliminates all of that.

VenaCure EVLT is minimally invasive. The entry point through which your physician gets the laser fiber to the target area is extremely small, not even requiring stitches.

There is really no "recovery" to speak of. The procedure is not painful, and you'll be up and walking as soon as the procedure is over, able to return to full normal activity.

Q: I've heard about lasers being used in medicine but I'm not sure how they work. Are they safe?

A: Simply put, a laser is a highly concentrated beam of light. Medical lasers work by delivering this light energy to the targeted tissue with extreme precision so as not to affect the surrounding tissue. They've proven their safety and effectiveness through years of use in all kinds of medical procedures, from ophthalmology to dermatology. In the hands of a skilled physician, lasers offer far less risk and complications than conventional surgery.

Q: Exactly how does a laser treat varicose veins?

A: Your veins carry blood from the capillaries to the heart. In your leg, this means the blood has to flow upward, against gravity. Consequently, these veins have one-way valves to prevent the blood from backflowing. Over time these valves can fail to close tightly, allowing blood to pool and causing the bulging and twisting characteristic of varicose veins.

EndoVenous Laser Treatment fixes this problem at the source by delivering just the right wavelength of laser energy to just the right tissue, causing the incompetent vein to close. Your body automatically routes the blood to other healthy veins.

Q: What is the actual procedure like?

A: It takes about 45 minutes and requires just local anesthesia. Your physician then inserts a thin laser fiber into the vein through a sheath and the laser light is emitted through the fiber. While you might feel some unfamiliar sensation, it is not painful and it's all done in an outpatient setting in Dr. Gardner's office.

Q: How long before I see the results?

A: There may be some slight swelling right after the procedure, but you could start seeing results immediately.

Q: How long will the results last?

A: EndoVenous Laser Treatment has proved to be 97% effective; an outstanding record of success. Therefore, you should experience no reoccurrence in the veins that have been treated. Follow-up procedures may be desired to obtain optimal aesthetic results. Q: Will my insurance cover it? A: The procedure is covered by most insurance companies. Dr. Gardner's staff will work with your insurance company to obtain pre-approval for your treatment. As you can see, the news is all good; no surgery, no pain, no recovery… and no varicose veins. If you suffer from this condition, now might be the time to do something about it. Ask Dr. Gardner about the procedure and find out if EndoVenous Laser Treatment is right for you.