Keloid, Hypertrophic, and Other Scars Treatment

KeloidA scar is a permanent mark your body forms when healing itself after an injury. Most scars are composed of fibrous tissue and form to replace damaged skin. Some scars fade over time but never completely go away. A scar can appear on a visible area and for cosmetic reasons you may want to seek treatment to lighten or remove it. There are certain types of scars that may be more difficult to treat than others.

One of the scars that may be the most difficult to treat is a keloid scar. These scars occur when there is trauma to the skin and grow beyond the edges of the wound or incision. Keloid scars are usually red or purple in color, shiny, elevated and can be itchy or painful and continue to grow. The overgrowth of scar tissue makes these scars very visible and may form up to one year after the initial trauma to the skin. It is believed that people with keloid scars may have a genetic predilection for forming them. Keloid scars are more common in darker skin types, do not go away without treatment, and are usually found on the earlobes, chest, back and arms.

Hypertrophic scars are very similar to keloid scars, but typically do not go beyond the site of injury. These scars can also be raised, red and itchy but unlike keloid scars, may begin to improve on their own without treatment.

Treatment options for keloid or hypertrophic scars depend on the location of the scar. These may include cortisone injections, silicone gels, laser, pressure dressings, surgery, cryosurgery, radiation therapy or combination therapy.

Acne scars can also be very difficult to treat, depending on many factors. Treatment of acne scars is determined based on age, skin type, depth of scars, condition of the skin, medical history and overall skin health. There are many treatments available that are highly successful and can reduce the appearance of acne scars or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks that acne can leave.

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