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Step 9: Lip

STEP 9: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Plumper

Lip color pulls the whole look together and gives a finished look to the face. Nude lips complement the drama of a smoky eye. Red lips add their own drama and can pull the focus away from a small eye. Anyone can wear red! It's just a matter of finding the right red: blue undertone, yellow undertone or neutral.


Just Kissed™ Lip Plumper

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip PlumperDESCRIPTION:

Make your lips full and kissable with our tinted cool mint and ginger lip plumper. Special peptides give moisture and visible plumping that lasts. One simple sweep and your lips will be transformed with sheer natural color and a refreshing feeling you can't top!

  • Unique, time-released peptides have been shown to increase hydration and stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Spearmint and peppermint oils, in combination with ginger root extract, stimulate blood circulation making lips fuller faster and without pain
  • Shea butter, sunflower oil and aloe vera soften and hydrate
  • Essential oils of lemon and tangerine help to exfoliate dead skin cells


  • Milan is a soft, matte pink
  • Sydney is a subtle, warm coral
  • NYC is a flattering neutral (a makeup bag staple)


  • To condition dry, chapped lips, start with Sugar&Butter
  • Sweep the organic brown sugar exfoliator across lips to gently lift away dead cells
  • Apply the lip plumper
    Lip Plumper Montreal
    Lip Plumper Tokyo
    Lip Plumper LA
    Lip Plumper Rio
    Lip Plumper Venice
    Lip Plumper Sydney
    Lip Plumper NYC
    Lip Plumper Milan
    Lip Plumper Madrid

Lip Definers

Jane Iredale Lip DefinerDESCRIPTION:

Our Lip Definers are created to be soft enough to fill in your lips easily but durable enough to provide a long-lasting base to the color you layer over them.

  • Because we use no FD&C dyes, our pencils can be used anywhere on the face
  • Their soft formula lends itself to blending and being used as a lip base
  • Made with conditioning oils and waxes and colored with our same protective pigments
  • Glide on smoothly and do not tug the delicate lip area


Looking for a perfect neutral? Pull down your lower lip, and there it is!

  • Apply a pencil base and layer with a PureGloss for Lips for a very current look
  • Use our cosmetic pencil sharpener to maintain a rounded point (Regular pencil sharpeners don't have a large enough opening and will split the wood)
  • The only way to sanitize pencils is by sharpening


  • Create a look that's all your own by layering color
  • Fill in your entire mouth with a Lip Definer and apply a PureMoist LipColour on top
  • For a richer look, finish with a PureGloss for Lips or Just Kissed shade
  • Try Terra-cotta with Iced Mocha PureGloss for Lips, Sienna with Gold Fling PureGloss for Lips
Lip Definer Sienna
Lip Definer Rose
Lip Definer Spice
Lip Definer Berry
Lip Definer Cocoa
Lip Definer Terracotta
Lip Definer Peach
Lip Definer Nutmeg
Lip Definer Crimson
Lip Definer Plum
Lip Definer Nude
Lip Definer Earth Red

LipDrink™ - SPF 15

Jane Iredale Lip DrinkDESCRIPTION:

This colorless lip balm really is a drink for the lips. It contains no petroleum-derived products that dry out the lips. People who are regular users of petroleum-based lip balms are on a continual drying cycle - the more they use the drier their lips become.

  • In a base of macadamia nut oil to which we've added the active sunscreen ingredient of edible zinc oxide for an SPF 15 and broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Contains the antioxidants green tea extract, Vitamin E and C
  • The flavor is a mixture of lemon and orange oils
  • It feels moister on the lips than a traditional lip balm


  • Tube screws from the top to enable one-handed application
  • Packaged to appeal to men as well as women


  • Use LipDrink alone or layer it on top of a Lip Definer or Lip Colour

More Lip™ Lip Plumper

Jane Iredale More Lip Lip PlumperDESCRIPTION:

If you're a little leery of Collagen or Restylane lip injections, More Lip Lip Plumper will give you that same full pout without the pain.

  • Contains softening and hydrating ingredients like sunflower oil and aloe vera
  • Essential oils of lemon and tangerine help to exfoliate any flaky skin cells
  • Ingredients are time-released, so that as one wears off, the other begins. Lips stay plumper longer
  • Spearmint and peppermint oils, in combination with ginger root extract, help to stimulate blood circulation, making lips fuller


  • You'll get plumper lips right away, with long-lasting conditioning


  • Smooth this great-tasting citrus balm on your lips and feel them tingle as our all-natural botanical stimulants go to work

PureGloss™ for Lips

Jane Iredale Pure GlossDESCRIPTION:

For lips that speak louder, try the ultimate lip gloss - shiny, soothing, protective, and, of course, super sexy! Our tingly mint and ginger flavor plumps without chemicals. In a base of organic vegetable oils, we've added botanicals including extracts of green tea, grape seed and pomegranate, all powerful antioxidants. No petroleum-based ingredients to dry out your lips.

  • Plumps without chemicals
  • Only the highest quality natural ingredients used to provide staying power, moisture and nourishment to the lips
  • All of our PureGlosses are formulated in a base of organic vegetable oils


  • Muted, glossy colors make small lips look larger


  • Fill in lips with one of our Lip Definers and layer a PureGloss for Lips on top. (try Terra-cotta with Iced Mocha)
PureGloss™ Gold Fling
PureGloss™ Mulberry
PureGloss™ Candied Rose
PureGloss™ Toffee
PureGloss™ Tourmaline
PureGloss™ Soft Peach
PureGloss™ Pink Candy
LiPureGloss™ Raspberry
PureGloss™ Melon
PureGloss™ Sugar Plum
PureGloss™ Just Gloss
PureGloss™ Cherry Sparkle
PureGloss™ Iced Mocha
PureGloss™ Black Currant
PureGloss™ Apricot Fizz
PureGloss™ Cosmo
PureGloss™ Strawberry
PureGloss™ Wild Apple
PureGloss™ Mimosa
PureGloss™ Cotton Candy
PureGloss™ In the Pink
PureGloss™ Hazelnut

PureMoist™ LipColours - SPF 18


You'll love the way your lips feel! Our state-of-the-art liposome formula packs in moisture, color and staying power - and gives a broad-spectrum SPF 18 using edible zinc oxide. With 32 fashion shades to choose from, ranging from matte to shimmer, you're bound to find your perfect colors.

  • No FD&C dyes or synthetic preservatives
  • Conditioning, moisturizing formula is designed to be a drink for your lips
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Delicious mint/vanilla flavor


  • For a natural look, choose a PureMoist LipColour that harmonizes with your blush
  • Or use the blush as a lip liner (try Jane LipColour and WhisperPurePressed Blush, or Sharon LipColour with Sheer HoneyPurePressed Blush)
  • Layer different PureMoist LipColours for a deeper, richer look
  • Line and fill in lips with one of our Lip Definers and layer with a PureMoist LipColour (try Nude with Sharon)


  • Our Sable Lip Brush will make the color stay on longer because it fills in the tiny lines in the lips
  • Look at the shape of your mouth before you begin to apply color (nobody is born with perfectly symmetrical lips)
  • To make your lips look larger, apply color just over the lip line (the "vermillion")
  • To make them look smaller, apply color just inside the vermillion
  • If possible, try to balance the mouth with the rest of the face by lining up the edge of the lips with the inside edge of the iris
  • Try to line up each peak of the upper lip with the middle of the nostril
PureMoist™  Maggie
PureMoist™ Carmen
PureMoist™ Sabrina
PureMoist™ Brett
PureMoist™ Kate
PureMoist™ Annie
PureMoist™ Rose
PureMoist™ Lily
PureMoist™ Daisy
PureMoist™ Sarah
PureMoist™ Susan
PureMoist™ Sandra
PureMoist™ CJ
PureMoist™ Carrie
PureMoist™ Melisa
PureMoist™ Kelly
PureMoist™ Bridget
PureMoist™ Ashley
PureMoist™ Kim
PureMoist™ Sharon
PureMoist™ Renee
PureMoist™ Nicole
PureMoist™ Halle
PureMoist™ Jane
PureMoist™ Kirsten
PureMoist™ Erin
PureMoist™ Julia

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient and there is no guarantee of specific results.

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