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Step 6: Eye Brows

The most important focus for the entire face is the brows because they frame the eyes and balance the face. The angles of the brows serve as a guide for every other angle of the face. Think of brows as comprising thirds - the inner or ascending third, the middle or arch and the outer or descending third. The ideal brow adds lift and can give the illusion of making a narrow face wider or wider face narrower.

Most of the time, the shape you were born with is the shape that works best with the eyes and face. So, let that be your guide. You may have to cleanup the brows, although be careful not to be too radical, because hairs often don't grow back. Nature designed the brow to keep foreign particles and sweat out of the eyes. They and the lashes are there to protect. Just as you may want to adjust brows that are too asymmetrical, don't fall into the trap of making them too symmetrical either. If you use stencils, the brows will look too perfect and, therefore, artificial. No one has completely matching brows.

They shouldn't be too dark or too light and NEVER one color. Most brows have thin places. Comb the brows down and color the sparse patches directly on the skin with an eye shadow. If the brow needs lengthening then extend the brow with the shadow.

Never use black. Black brows are aging and should be highlighted so they soften the face and don't take the focus away from the eyes.


PureBrow™ Fix & Mascara

Jane Iredale Purebrow Fix & MascaraDESCRIPTION:

  • A clear gel in a double-ended tube with a comb at one end and a mascara brush at the other. Use to hold unruly brows in shape or as a mascara for dyed or dark lashes


  • Can be used to hold brows in place or as a clear mascara


  • Use the comb for brows and the brush for lashes

PureBrow™ Gel

Jane Iredale PureBrow GelDESCRIPTION:

  • Our brow colors are ideal for tinting brow hairs the natural way. Formulated with a proprietary blend of high-tech sea minerals that condition and protect brow hairs, our gels will make your brows smoother, healthier and more manageable. They also hide gray and will even do double-duty as a light mascara.


  • Brush lightly to add to or highlight color
  • Use two colors for maximum effect
  • Some people even use this product to touch-up their roots between visits


  • Brush onto brows in an upward motion; will help to hold brows in place
Purebrow Gel Blonde
PureBrow Gel Auburn
PureBrow Gel Brunette

Super-Shape Me™ Eyebrow Kit


  • We’ve made brows so easy! This is everything you need for the perfect brow. Two powders to mix for your exact shade, a wax to hold brows in place, a lid primer to conceal any redness and two brushes for the ultimate application. Even comes with miniature tweezers that really work!


  • The wax can be put on before you apply the powders if you want a lot of pay-off; otherwise, color your brows and then put a light coating of wax on top to hold them
  • Lemon Lid Primer is especially good if you've just plucked and left yourself a bit red; it will conceal the redness and act as a pretty highlighter


  • The classic brow begins level with the middle of the nostril, arches at the outside edge of the iris and ends at the diagonal C line

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient and there is no guarantee of specific results.

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