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Step 2: Concealers

The color of the concealer should be slightly lighter than the skin tone: one-to-two shades at most. A too-light concealer is the most common mistake made. The concealer should reach up under the lower lashes, into the corner of the eye and can be blended to the top of the cheekbone. The best tool for this is our Camouflage Brush, with a finger for using the body's heat to work it into the skin. For very dark circles, you may layer concealer, powder, then concealer and powder again. Make sure they are put on in thin layers so you don't build too much product. Layering like this can be very effective.


Active Light® Under-Eye Concealer

Jane Iredale Active Light ConcealerDESCRIPTION:

Unlike any concealer you have ever used! Its unique ingredients create a soft-focus effect that conceals while it brightens. Vitamin K helps lighten dark areas, while white tea and cucumber extracts soothe tired eyes. Its Buckwheat Wax may even help reduce puffiness.

  • Concealer and brightener in one
  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness around eyes
  • Disguises wrinkles, fatigue and deep creases
  • Unique twist pump dispenser makes application quick and easy


The six colors of Active Light are based on the CircleDelete shades, with CircleDelete 1 corresponding to Active Light 1 and 2, and CircleDelete 2 corresponding to Active Light 3 and 4 (note, these will not be exact matches).

  • Active Light 5 and 6 are perfect for ethnic skins
  • Use the Camouflage Brush if needed to smooth out any extra product


  • Slowly screw tube from the bottom until a small amount is visible on the self-contained brush. Very little product is needed for complete coverage
  • Apply to the whole under-eye area and even around the nose, lips or any area that needs highlighting. The brush is designed to fit easily into the recess between the nose and the inner corner of the eye. Active Light will appear to pull that area out
  • Use the Camouflage Brush or fingertip to feather the edges. Follow with any of the mineral foundations if needed
Jane Iredale Active Light
Jane Iredale Active Light 2
Jane Iredale Active Light 3
Jane Iredale Active Light 4
Jane Iredale Active Light 5
Jane Iredale Active Light 6

CircleDelete® Under-Eye Concealer

Jane Iredale Circle DeleteDESCRIPTION:

A creamy concealer that not only conceals but also conditions the under-eye area. Contains vitamin K, thought to repair the blood vessels and act as a skin bleaching agent to help fade hyperpigmentation.

  • Use alone or brush minerals on top
  • Creamy texture glides over the skin and dries to a silky finish
  • Each shade may be used separately, or blended to better match complexion


  • To cover dark circles, choose a color that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter.
  • CircleDelete #2 combines a light and medium peach-especially good for neutralizing blue circles
  • To disguise puffiness, stipple the lighter color on the inner and outer corners of the eye Apply the darker color to the puffiest area (light colors stand out - dark colors recede)


  • Pick up a small amount of product with the Camouflage Brush
  • Stipple onto the skin
  • Apply product to the inside corner of the eye and then stipple under lashes and entire under-eye area
  • Use your ring finger to smooth and blend the edges (the warmth from your finger will melt the product into the skin and set it)
Jane Iredale Circle Delete
Jane Iredale Circle Delete 2
Jane Iredale Circle Delete 3

Disappear™ with Green Tea Extract

Jane Iredale Disappear ConcealerDESCRIPTION:

This camouflage cream is so packed with pigment that it will even cover black tattoos! Better yet, Disappear won't just cover breakouts but will also help them to disappear permanently.

  • Liposome-based formula
  • Green tea extract is an antioxidant, and has also been documented to combat acne bacteria
  • Patented applicator allows application with or without a brush
  • Promotes faster healing time for pimples
  • Nourishes with seaweed and green tea extracts
  • Superoxide dismutase, a copper-containing protein enzyme, decomposes free radicals


  • Disappear will grab the foundation and give you a truly opaque finish, so make sure you graduate the camouflage to avoid seeing edges


  • Apply directly to the skin with the applicator, or use our Camouflage Brush
  • Begin by layering and feathering the edges
  • When you have enough coverage, use our Flocked Sponge to pat on Amazing Base or PurePressed powder
Jane Iredale Disappear Medium Light
Jane Iredale Disappear Medium
Jane Iredale Disappear Medium Dark
Jane Iredale Disappear Dark


Jane Iredale Enlighten ConcealerDESCRIPTION:

Don't just cover something about it at the same time! With Enlighten Concealer, we do just that! The ultimate concealer for very dark circles, hyperpigmentation and bruising.

  • Contains three whitening agents - Arbutin, Licorice and Vitamin K
  • Extracted from the bearberry leaf, Arbutin is a skin de-pigmentation and whitening agent - also protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals
  • Arbutin is well-tolerated by the skin, does not cause irritation and has no known toxicity or side effects


Also use Enlighten to conceal gray pigmentation around the eyes.

  • The peach/orange cream will neutralize brown spots


  • With our Camouflage Brush, pick up a small amount of product and apply a thin layer to areas of brown spots, bruising and grey circles
  • Layer Amazing Base or PurePressed Base over the top with a brush or sponge

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient and there is no guarantee of specific results.

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